Hey there!
I've been pretty busy these past couple of days cleaning and organizing my room. 
I'm finally done and I wanted to share with you guys how it came out!
made this D.I.Y body pillow
checker art work made by my dad.
white Christmas lights in my closet.
ahh! It really is so nice to see everything finally organized!

My mom and I are going to a flea market in the city tomorrow. Hopefully I'll find a small bookcase that i've been looking for. I'll post pictures if I find anything good!

P.S I'm going to see Grizzly Bear in Brooklyn with my friends on Sunday!
I Cannot wait, they're like my favorite band!
 I'll have some pictures up soon.


knock knock..

my mothers shirtshe gave me.

steve madden $15

thrifted for $5..

Almost everything in these photos were bought in thrift stores or on sale.
I rarley by things full price.. and I realized how cheap I was when I started to tell people or write about it. Its so much fun to find something really great at a bargain price.
Being cheap could be bad sometimes but its good for the wallet.


Annie Leibovitz

If I had a world of my own, everything would be nonsense. Nothing would be what it is because everything would be what it isn't.

Curiosity often leads to trouble.
When I get home I shall write a book about this place... If I ever do get home.

Annie Leibovitz for Vogue 2003 Alice in wonderland photo shoot.
Francis Ford Coppola and Sofia Copolla Louis Vuitton fall/winter 2009

Sally Ride- first lady on the moon, Buzz Aldrin- first man on the moon, Jim Lovell- comander of apollo 13 Louis Vuitton July 2009.


the Young Victoria

Movie stills from the movie The Young Victoria that all you girlies should check out.
I promise you will not be disappointed!
Starring Emily Blunt and Rupert Friend they have such an amazing romance
in the movie it kind of makes you want to cry.
But there is definitely more to this movie then just a love story.
Victoria reigned as Queen for 63 years, longer than any other
British monarch before or since.
To date she is the longest reigned female monarch in history.


All Points West

All Points WEsT was amazing!
It rained pretty much the whole weekend but that
didn't stop the crowd from having fun.

Day 1:
I saw Fleet Foxes, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Ra Ra Riot, Vampire Weekend, the National and Seasick Steve

hm top 5.00, u.o high waisted jeans 10.00, thrifted belt 2.50, shoes 4.99, purse 5.00.

I freakin met J. Tillman from the Fleet Foxes!
He looks a little like Jesus..
and I look super sexy with my Gatorade bottle and poncho.
Day 2:
Tool, Ting Tings, Tokyo Police Club, Crystal Castles, My Bloody Valentine..

hm top, target skirt 10, thrifted belt 2.50, & yellow Hunter boots 15.oo. (not shown)

Day 3:

Lykke Li, Akron/Family, We are Scientist, Mogwai, Silversun Pickups .. I didn't get to see MGMT or Coldplay=\

lucky brand dress (tucked in) 50.oo, thrifted d.i.y shorts 6.00, belt 2.50, hunter boots.

On Sunday there was a rain delay so they had everybody waiting in this old train station for almost 2 hours.. soon people got delirious and started chanting funny things like "let us free" and played a game of "Marco polo".

I noticed two guys speaking with Australian accents behind me. At first I thought they were joking around but then I realized it was the real thing! They were really nice and hilarious, they had me cracking up the hole time and I probably made myself look like an idiot.. ugh cute guys make me nervous..