let's go to the beach!

 I went to the "doggy beach" a couple of days ago with Betsy. I love that I can just bring her there and not have to worry about anything, she LOVES the water!
And also it's so nice to see other people with there dogs especially if they are friendly.

I'm wearing a bikini I bought in california a year ago and now I finally decided to wear it!


arboretum adventures.

Ashley and I visited the Arboretum in Great River yesterday. It was my first time going there and I had so much fun! There is so much to do and so much to see. Here are some pictures of that little trip! Thanks Ashley for bringing me to this wonderful place.

Thrifted denim jacket I got for 2 dollars a couple weeks ago!



These are pictures from a disposable camera that I've had in my purse for a pretty long time. 
I hope all you had a wonderful weekend!


hot tamale!

In these pictures imagine the backdrop being a nice little beach with the sunset off into the distance. not behind my dads crappy garage! haha!

 It's a very hot day here in New York and to escape the heat this calls for wearing little clothing! Yesterday I picked up this crazy bamboo print skirt at Goodwill. I was very close to not getting it because I thought it might be a little too crazy for me but with a little convincing from my friend Ashley I decided to buy it! Good thing I did because it came in handy today. This heat is no joke! 

p.s the necklaces & black scrunched up bandeau was made by yours truly