AA flannel shirt

altered thrifted jumper dress $3!

platform wedges thrifted

2010 has been a great year, hopefully next year will be even better!
Many thanks to everyone who visits this little blog it truly means a lot to me!

Have happy New Year everyone!

Not as easy as it looks...

I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and I walked past these curtains, I decided that I would try to make them. Since I was snowed in I wasn’t able to go to the fabric store to pick up some fabric so I asked my mom if she had some bed sheets that she wasn’t going to use. Thank god she did and was nice enough to give them to me! I thought it was going to be an easy task but to my surprise the curtains turned out to be a project of two days, and lots of work!
Here’s how they came out...


Fa la la la la!

These pictures were taken a while back at my friends dorm.
The necklace & skirt is made by moi!
have a nice one guys! :)

j.crew button down shirt,
AA cardigan, self made skirt.

Happy Holidays

I hope everyone has a nice holiday spending it with the ones they love!

I'm wearing a thrifted skirt,

cardigan and shoes

with a j. crew shirt.


The other day I was looking through my recent downloads and to my surprise most of them were female singers/songwriters. Here are some of my favorite girls out there… either it’s new music or they're new to the game!

Twin sister- Around and Away We Go
Some of the band members are from Medford, Sayville, and Bluepoint! That's very close to were I live and it's awesome to know that there are some people on the Island making funky new music!

Lia Ices -Grown Unknown
This girl has an amazing voice that I absolutely love!

Glasser - her sound is kind of like Bork's but with a little more pop. I'm a fan of "Home" by her as well.

Jessica lea Mayfield-Our Hearts Are Wrong A perfect song for those hard headed lovers!

Warpaint - Undertow
This is a five piece all girls band, they're super talented! Also check out there song "Billie Holiday"

Hello There!

So I know I’ve been very absent from this blog lately
but it’s just that I’ve been busy with school projects and finals.
I know all my fellow college student could understand!
But I’m finally done with this semester and now I can get to things that I’ve been putting aside.

I’m planning on re-opening my Etsy shop in the upcoming days, which I’m very excited about but it’s not as easy as it looks. This time it’ll be A LOT better!

These are some pictures of
the craft fair from a couple of weeks ago!


craft fair

So this is a little preview to some of the jewelry I’ll be selling at a craft fair December 5th. I’ll be selling handmade jewelry there with my friend Ashley. Hopefully I’ll be able to make a little extra money for this holiday season!

You should come out! It’ll be in Coram from 10-5!
Some of my other friends will be selling handmade goods there too, like knitted circle scarves and blankets!
Comment or message me for more information!


little house in the big woods

all pictures from weheartit.com
Have you ever dreamt of having your own little cabin in the woods? I sure have! Ever since I went on a camping trip to Pennsylvania when I was 12, I stayed in a cute little cabin with my closest friends and I just remember having a feeling of comfort and freedom there.
Oh how I wish I could be there right now!

Sometimes I like to just look at little houses that you would normally miss on any given day and I like to picture myself living in them. I would think about what I would change about the house or what I would keep the same. I know it sounds a little silly, But I’ve never been a fan of those huge houses that barely look lived in.
Have a happy thanksgiving!


I got very lucky with these awesome shoes, I saw them last week at Goodwill and when I went back today they were still there! I’m surprised nobody picked them up!
They were just $10 bucks.

Belt, Shoes, Skirt -thrifted
chiffon button down- American Apparel
These 2 outfits where very much inspired by the wonderful Meg of Another Day to Dress Up. I’ve been kind of iffy about the long skirt look but after seeing it on a couple of people I decided I would give it a try.
What do ya think?

Belt, Shoes, skirt- Thrifted
long sleeve one piece- American Apparel
Lately the last couple of days I haven’t been feeling like myself…
That’s probably one of the reasons why I haven’t updated this thing in a while.

I have no idea why but the rain today did help me get back my mojo
I took some of these pictures today
sorry they're a little small.
enjoy !

Bought this dress today for $10 at the Goodwill and this shawl also was thrifted from last year.

These are my Dolce Vita for Target boots that I got a couple of weeks ago. They're perfect! I adore them!

Here's a little song that I've been listening to a lot lately..

Till next time!


Some much needed retail therapy!

Haha.. No not really. Just some things I've found over the last couple of weeks.
leather lace up boots $6 at the local Goodwill.
Floral print pocket dress $1.50!
(I've worn this outfit so many times already.. haha)

$4 printed button down shirt
$8 Urban Outfitters dress
(Got it on clearance! It also had a little hole but that was an easy fix.)

By far the best purchase I've made this season!
I've been looking for a pair of comfortable wedge sandals that would look great with a pair of socks AND that wont break my bank account!
I got these babies for $3!!
Urban outfitters is selling a very similar pair for $150.00!



I'm on the look out for a pair of "tattoo" tights.
I think they're a great idea, a perfect way to add a little mystery to an outfit!

I really like what Chanel did for there Spring 2010.. but those are not tights!
They are actually temporary tattoos that you can buy on Chanel.com!