Feel it in the air

Slowly but surely the trees and flowers are starting to bloom in NYC and you can feel it in the air that spring is here. It felt nice to wonder around my neighborhood in this outfit, I'm all about wearing denim this spring and light layers. I especially love how this denim vest just puts the whole outfit together.
What are some spring trends are you trying this spring?

Asos (mens) short sleeve button down
Old Navy denim vest
Madewell slim boy jean
Old Navy d'orsay flats

Photo by Daniel Lopera.


Long time no see

Hey guys, look an outfit post!
It's been a while right? I'm sure some of you guys are wondering what was taking me so long? Well there's a couple of answers to this question.
First off, it was freezing in NYC this year. It was very hard for me to be outside more than five minutes to take pictures and try to look cute while wearing 10 pounds of clothes, so trust me none of you guys would have liked to see that.
Second, my blog just turned FIVE years old last month (it's kind of hard for me to believe) and I felt like it needed a change. So these past couple of months I've been brainstorming some new ideas I want to add to this blog to make it more fun and have more content for you guys to enjoy. So you'll be seeing those features in the upcoming weeks!
And third, I just needed a break to get inspired and motivated again to start doing this whole blogging thing again. As you can imagine doing something for five years can get pretty mundane so I think a break was much needed so I could get excited about blogging again.

So now that I have gotten that off my chest, lets talk about the clothes!

I'm wearing new Spring 2014 Warby Parker glasses
(If you're in need of a pair, it's a no brainer to go with Warby- super affordable and totally cute.)
H&M denim dress
Karibu Kikoy sarong (worn as a scarf- each one that is sold proceeds go to building maternal hospital in East Africa!)
Cat Footwear Spring 2014 Oxfords -Check out there stuff, you're in for a sweet surprise!

Here are some similar options...

Photos by Daniel Lopera