feeling good, feeling groovy.

So this past Thursday Teenvogue posted a room tour I did with them a couple of months ago. I've been a fan of Teenvogue ever since I was a little girl in the sixth grade so to be a part of this was a huge honor!  It was an amazing experience and I'm so happy I finally get to share it with you guys. 
You can check it out HERE

I got to meet the lovely online editor Naomi Nevitt and photographer Mark Iantosca who where so nice. I'm really grateful for all the feedback I'm receiving and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! I hope you guys like it! A BIG thank you to Naomi for letting me a part of this! That girl has made my year!

About what I'm wearing:
I went on thrifting spree last weekend and found some great items.
Some of the stuff I found where these boots for $10 and the scarf for $2! 
I've had the round sunglasses for ages and thought it went well with my 70's inspired outfit. 
Everything else was thrifted.

Thanks Bryan B. for the photos and Sasha and Danny for all the help today! 


walking on a dream

 I've been wanting to share these pictures with you guys for the longest time!
My friend Bryan took these awesome pictures for a school project and I was lucky enough to be a part of it. He was going for a dream theme so I wore my vintage night gown that I hemmed to make a bit shorter and I paired it with my embellished vintage flats. Hope you enjoyed these photos!

Check him out here & here!



 F21 button up shirt
Old navy sweater
Wanted shoes
House of Harlow necklace
Glam Rock watch

I felt pretty silly taking these pictures inside of a supermarket the other day. 
 At the time my friend Bryan and I thought it would be cool idea but it didn't turn out the way we had planned. OH WELL! 
One thing I learned is that if you take pictures inside a supermarket people will STARE at you and maybe follow you around. Which is always creepy!

I decided to wear something fairly simple and jazz it up with some cool accessories.
One can never go wrong with that!

Hope you girls have a lovely weekend!


count down

 Vintage dress (I hemmed to make a bit shorter)
Vintage red shoes
F21 coat
Glam Rock watch

With the weather being consistently gloomy I've decided to count down the days until spring to cheer me up! I'm in need of some warm weather and taking pictures by the beach today only made me long for it even more.

On brighter news, I'm seriously loving my new watch from Glam Rock. It came with two other interchangeable faces that make it super easy to change a look from day to night! Check out their other collections here!  Their designs are truly awesome, I'm sure you girls will dig!

Hope everyone has a lovely weekend!
Photos by Bryan B.
Thanks dude!