It's been a while

Since the last time I have updated but as you girls can imagine this past week was finals week and I was crazy busy with study and taking test. But I'm glad that's all over and now it's time summer break!
I promise I'll be updating more frequently and I also have lots of goodies to show you girls!
Stay Tuned!

Talulah dress
H&M shoes
F21 necklace
American Apparel headband 

Thanks Bryan B. for the pictures!

  And as promised here are some fashionable girls around the F.I.T Campus!
All very different in style but still all the lovely!

Kittinant Amatayakul 
 Major- Accessories Design

Major- Production Management

Major- Fine Arts


it could be sweet

I'm so in love with this maxi dress from Australian designer Zahir.
How amazing are the details on this dress?! It all just screams summertime! 
Go take a look at their collection, it's a perfect mix of bohemian and chic!

Zahir dress 
Raquelle Bianco bracelets 

Thanks Bryan B. for the photos!