It's the end..

  Of finals and school that is! 
It's time to have fun. Bring on the adventures, 
the beaches, the parties, everything! I'm ready for it all!
Everything i'm wearing is thrifted.
The skirt used to be really long so I just hemmed the bottom.

And here's a beautiful song that I cant stop listening to. 
The music video is equally as beautiful, 
those firework scenes are so dreamy! 


Hey there!

Freelance Whales

 The pictures above are from the Foals & Freelance Whales show my friend and I went to a couple of weeks ago. Oh what a great show it was! We had so much and we danced the night away!

I've been seeing a lot of girls around campus wearing these mid- length skirts. I really like them because you could dress them up in different ways. I also like that I don't have to worry about my skirt flying up and I still feel pretty cool in it. I got it for only $3.00 at Goodwill. 


Walking Betsy.

The only decent picture I got of the Betsynator!
The other day Betsy had her first birthday. I remember how cute she was when she was a little pup. I wish I can turn back time when all she used to do was just take naps and cuddle! 

The pants i'm wearing are from UO, I bought them on sale a long time ago for $10! :)


I took these outfit pictures a couple of days ago but I just didn't get the chance to post them.
I'll admit it, this outfit to me just screams "I work as a secretary."
But hey, I like that kinda stuff!
The skirt and shoes were both thrifted and the purse was given to me by a friend.