in the library.

This is what I wore to school yesterday, something simple and casual. I love this dress because it is very comfortable and easy to wear! These pictures were taken at the FIT library and Ashley was nice enough to take some time out of her studying to take these for me! Thank you! :)  

F21 dress
American Apparel navy button up
HM shoes
thrifted (all time favorite) leather back pack!


Fall Revisited

 Thrifted skirt, loafers & purse.
American Apparel sweater,
 wool hat was found at a yard sale for $5!

I bought this skirt last Winter and before it used to be down to ankles! I hemmed it a couple of months ago and really liked how it came out, i'm so excited that I get to finally wear it! The skirt is made out of wool and it has a really nice, unique print on it. What better way to wear it than with this wool hat I found at yard sale. I've been seeing a lot of girls around campus wearing these hats and they just look so marvelous in them, so glad that I found one for so cheap!

And HUGE thanks to everyone who has been leaving me sweet comments <3.
Much love to you all! 


go with you.

I bought this Free People dress/slip a couple of days ago for $20! Isn't it just wonderful? I think i'm in love! The boots are also new, I found them at H&M and i've just been wearing the heck out of them. They go with everything!

On another note:
I've been listening to the new Toro Y Moi album "Underneath the Pines" a lot recently. I know i'm a little late considering it's been out for sometime now but i'm so glad I decided to give it a more in depth listen! You should also if you haven't already!


What I wore ...sorta.

Are you the type of person who picks out your outfits the night before, or maybe even weeks? 
Well I find myself doing that every once in a while and sometimes i'll even whip out the camera to document it (so I won't forget)! 

These are two outfits that I planned on wearing this week to school. 
But it looks like it won't be happening anytime soon due to the weather recently here in New York! Humph!