Me and my friend Kevin at the F.I.T museum!

We got a special tour that showed us some of the stuff that is in there storage and there were a lot of beautiful dresses and shoes that I fell in love with! Considering that I've been there a couple of times and this being a school field trip, I think we all had a good time, plus it was a beautiful day in the city!

vintage Chanel suit, 1950's couture dress, and vintage shoes.



Last weekend I went to Coachella.
I had an amazing time listening to great music under the desert sun.
I got to see some of my favorite bands play like Yeasayer, Local Natives, and Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.
There were many memorable performances that I wasn't anticipating like Jonsi of Sigur Ros, and the XX.. Oh how I wish I was there again!! I miss it so much I dont think I can wait another whole year!

p.s. Im featured in the Teen Vogue website! I was so happy when I saw this,
I started acting like a little 3 year old!
Last year at Coachella my picture was taken for a website also but I still have not been able to find that freakin picture.. oh well! hahaha


I'm so in love with the new J. Crew catalog! I want everything in there.. especially the overalls
and the spring cardigans. Ever since Jenna Lyon took over as creative director and added a little excitment to the once boring old lady clothing line, I've been slowly trying to build up my small
collection of blouses and such!