Follow Your Heart ♡

 I have a thing for LBD's (I mean who doesn't, really?) and this Tobi dress is perfect... Subtle yet flirty. What do you guys think? 
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I wore it last Saturday while being a tourist in Washing D.C.
and I couldn't help but fall in love with all the murals around the city.
I didn't get to spend to much time wandering around but that only means I'll have to go there again some day to a little more exploring!

Photos By Daniel Lopera.


American Field Pop-Up Market in D.C.

This past weekend I was invited by American Field to experience their made in USA pop-up market in Washington D.C.. For those of you how are not familiar with American Field- they have been curating pop-up shops all over the US and this was their first stop in Washington D.C.. All the vendors in the market are independent and sell products that are made in the US. I love supporting small businesses in the US because I feel like it's super important to do our part and support our mom and pop shops. 
When I was in college I studied Production Management and I learned everything from sourcing local goods to working with factories abroad and domestic. Seeing the in's and out's of the production/ manufacturing business you really get a sense of how important it is to support your local shops because the when you shop domestically your not only helping small businesses to thrive but every part of the supply chain benefits from it.

Walking by each vendor in this market was truly inspiring. You couldn't help but feel the creativity throughout the place! I love seeing people do what they love and I've always said that when I grow older I want to be as happy as they lady selling hand-made soap at the farmers markets because that is something that person is truly and whole heartedly passionate about. 

In this post you will see photos from vendors I got to meet and maybe you will check them out also!