Baby, let's go back in time

So a couple of months ago I hinted out on my Instagram that I was working on a 1920's themed photo shoot. It took a while to finally get it on here but here it is! I hope you all enjoyed!

The idea came to me a while ago when I thrifted this flapper dress (for $4!). It was in great condition but I had no idea when or where I would wear it. I asked my boyfriend Daniel L. if he could photograph me in a 20's themed shoot and he then said (to my surprise) he wanted to join and dress up also! He thrifted his whole outfit and I made his bow tie. His grand mustache (yes, it's real!) just topped off the whole look don't you agree? I know I'm not one to share much of my personal love life on here but I thought these pictures would be the perfect way to introduce you, my lovely followers, to him. He did a great job at photographing and directing the shoot but I'm not going to lie, during the shoot we were both so awkward in front of a camera that the only natural thing to come out of us was to dance!

To check out more of his awesome work or to contact him please check out his website:

Thrifted flapper dress
Self made head band
Pearl necklace gift from my mom
and Miu Miu shoes


La Boheme

Here in NYC we are going through a crazy heat wave so it's been a struggle to look cute and still remain cool.  So I put together a laid back and easy look for you guys featuring one of my favorite scarves from Collection 18! I love how long and light weight this scarf is because it makes it easy to tie around your head and the colors and pattern look great also!

Darling dress
Collection 18 scarf
Necklace borrowed from a friend
Restricted shoes (from a year ago)
Wild Soul Sunglasses 


photos by Jazz Seijii