Leaves Falling

I hope everyone had a nice thanksgiving/ break.
This semester is almost over for me (3 weeks left!) and that means final exams & projects are going to be due soon. I'm not really looking foward to it and I'm sure my fellow college students can agree!

Tulle shirt
Mac + Jac shawl
Darling skirt
 Bass loafers

Pictures By Bryan B.

P.S. You should all check out my beauty DIY's that I did with TeenVogue!


House of Wilde

A couple of weeks before the craziness of hurricane Sandy happend I received this lovely dress from UK brand House of Wilde. I'm happy to finally share with you guys this dress because it's one of my favorites from their Spring 13 collection.    The sheer cutouts and gold embroidery make this a go to dress for any occasion. Check out their online shop here. Warning you might just want to buy EVERYTHING. 
 Bryan and I took these pictures while the sun was setting so lighting is not the best but hopefully you guys can make out the pretty details.

House of Wilde - Camila Dress
Urban 1972- Military jacket
Bass - Ramona shoe

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Oh Hello There!

Take a look at this perfect Levi's dress!

I think you can tell from the smile on my face that I absolutely love this dress! When I got it in the mail a couple of weeks ago I couldn't wait to dress it up and show you guys! The long sleeves and checkered pattern makes this dress perfect for fall. All I had to do was simply add my wool hat and boots and I was ready to go!
Thanks Levi's!

H&M hat
Dolce Vita x Target boots

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Photos by Bryan B
Thanks dude!
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