I will try to make this a short post..
This weekend me and Ashley went to another flea market called:
The Antiques Garage Flea Market..
we weren't huge fans of this one because some of the stuff there got pretty expensive,
and there wasn't much variety.
Maybe better luck next time.

These were $1 each

im planing on making hair pins out of them.

We also went to the Anna Sui store..

I would kill for these boots.


Vintage, Vintage, Vintage!

Whats new?
On saturday I went to class in the city and did some vintage shopping
with my partner in crime Ashley.
She has to be the most funnest person to go shopping with
because shes easy going and up for anything.
So before class she told me about Hells Kitchen Fleamarket.
We found many intresting finds like:
This bag I bought for $20.

They had a bunch of vintage belts for $1.00 each

And I also bought a vintage 1970's neckless for $3.00!

Ashley bought an
Authentic Coach belt for $0.25 and Coach bag for $25.00!

also a scarf and many other little things.

Some other random stuff that was there..
vintage Chanel $199.00

1970's dress for $70.00..I'll upload some more pictures later..

We also went to New York Vintage/
The stuff they had there was really expensive.
There was a 1920's flapper dress for $2.200!

Also in the city I spotted Anne Hathaway going into a building.



I was pretty bored this week and had nothing to do so I got a little creative..
On Wensday night I wanted to do some watercoloring (my favorite).
I was very inspired by pictures I saw on flickr.com.

what do you think?

Then on Thursday I made a floral summer dress.

My beautiful sewing machine.
Its literally 108 years old.
The date on it says 1901.
It's made by Singer and my parents found it at an antique store for $30.oo!
My dad just had to fix some of the elctrical stuff.
Other than that it works better than any other sewing machine.

Tommorow im going to the city and
hopefully its nice enough to go to central park.

Can't wait!

(all photos are mine)


hello blog world.

Well, this is pretty cool to finally have one of these!
I find myself thinking in school of all the different things I could talk about if I had a blog and now that I finally have one I'm completely blank.
I guess I could start off with describing my crazy weekend.

Saturday I went to the city for my FIT class with my friend Ashley, lets just say we had a little adventure that was filled with flea markets, thrift shops and Ethiopian food. Before going into FIT me and Ashley went to Chelsea and found a really cool thrift store and as I was looking through a CD rack the first CD that found happened to be Angus & Julia Stone : A Book Like This.
This band just happens to be one of Ashley's favorite bands and I was very happy to find it for her. I ended up not get anything at the thrift store but I found this really cool shirt for $5.00 at a flea Market just around the corner.

When we were done with the class we decided to go to an Ethiopian restaurant called Queen of Sheba. On our way there we got lost in the Meat Packing District for two hours!

A lot more happened that day (like bird poop on my face! EW!)
but I would be here all day going into more details . So siyenara!