Vintage, Vintage, Vintage!

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On saturday I went to class in the city and did some vintage shopping
with my partner in crime Ashley.
She has to be the most funnest person to go shopping with
because shes easy going and up for anything.
So before class she told me about Hells Kitchen Fleamarket.
We found many intresting finds like:
This bag I bought for $20.

They had a bunch of vintage belts for $1.00 each

And I also bought a vintage 1970's neckless for $3.00!

Ashley bought an
Authentic Coach belt for $0.25 and Coach bag for $25.00!

also a scarf and many other little things.

Some other random stuff that was there..
vintage Chanel $199.00

1970's dress for $70.00..I'll upload some more pictures later..

We also went to New York Vintage/
The stuff they had there was really expensive.
There was a 1920's flapper dress for $2.200!

Also in the city I spotted Anne Hathaway going into a building.

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