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There comfortable,
they keep your toes warm,
& there super cute.

I just bought a new pair of over the knee socks
that im in love with (pic 2).
I have no clue how im going to wear them yet
but with the pictures I saw on LookBook,
they would look great with dresses & shorts.
Considering that its getting cold out,
I think these socks will convince me to still wear
some of my dresses in the fall.


I am very excited about
These bookmarks/website link cards I made.
I water colored the edges and used some old string and lace.
It's a lot easier to just give one of these out
to anybody who is interested
in what I do on my spare time.. lol
I made almost 2 dozen
so if you want one just let me know..


..I don't care what nobody says.. Im going to be his lover..

I love it when it rains
It's a perfect time to just stay at home,
have a cup of tea, listen to music and
catch up on some reading.
I listened to Fever Ray's self titled album and a little bit of Grizzly Bear.
On Monday Ashley and I went to see the Kings of Leon.
They played my favorite song 'knocked up' towards
the end and that was basically my highlight of the night.
Well its getting pretty late and i'm very tired
Take care & enjoy the weekend.

all photos from weheartit.com
except the cupcake one =]


grey bird

These are very fun to make.
I highly recomend it if your bored!
some featured items:
See by Chloe boots $495
American Aparrel over the knee socks $10
lace bralet Topshop $30
lace contrast dress Topshop $75


Grizzly Bear

"backstage" haha

A few pictures from the Grizzly Bear show in Williamsburg Brooklyn.
Jay Z and Beyonce were in the crowd.
Me and Ashley cracked up when a guy said that the show was
"picturesque as fuck." Really?
Anyways..the weather was perfect, the music was amazing and it was a great way to end the summer!