Hello blogosphere!
long time no see..
This is a skirt I finally completed a couple of weeks ago..

& a little package for my dear friend Kathleen!



Two weeks ago Ashley and I went to a Titanic museum
in the city with a couple of friends.
The museum was beautiful it had a bunch of artifacts and
a recreation of the grand stair case.
In the begining of the museum you get a boarding ticket and this helps you
find out in the end whether you survived or not( I survived and so did Ashley!).
Although it was sad at some points, I would highly recommend going, it was a very nice experience.
xo -have a nice weekend!
photos by Ashley


Hey girls!
I haven't been blogging much but it's because I was hard at work on something new!
I'm sure you've heard of Etsy before and for a really long time I've been wanting to open a shop.
Let me just say it was a lot more complicated then I thought it would be
but I finally stoped being lazy and got to it!
Right now im mostly selling jewelry made with new and vintage pieces.
I hope you like them and in case you haven't notice check out the mini Etsy on the side...