I've been getting REALLY lucky at thrift stores recently.
I found this amazing leather back pack at Goodwill the other day for 12 bucks! My mom said I looked more excited about finding this back pack then getting my new Macbook! It's so beautiful and perfect. I had the biggest fucking smile on my face when I found it.
We're a going to be the best of friends this summer.

Also the Ralph Lauren shorts, shirt and polariod camera were all perfect finds today at Goodwill... now only if it was nice enough outside to actually wear all of this! (P.S. the undies and bralettes are from Aerie, simple 100% cotton is where it's at!)


Rocks & Minerals

(Ashleys awesome ring that I loveee!)

Yesterday I went to the Museum of Natural History with my friend Ashley.
We both had projects to work on (in which mine didn't get done!) but after she finished up with hers we were free to wonder around the museum.
It was so much fun. There was so MUCH to see. It's truly one of my favorite museums.



I finally organized my desk area. That's a huge accomplishment because I'm such a messy person. Looks pretty good dontcha' think?
(Oh and I got a new mac book eeep!)

I bought a new trench coat for the warm weather, but it seems like it won't be put into use anytime soon considering that it's currently snowing outside! This picture doesn't do it any justice.. it's realllyyy nice, i'll take another picture some other time.

I bought the first 2 sunglasses last weekend. I cannot wait for the warm weather so I can wear these bad boys!


I just have to say that I love my wide leg jeans, they fit so well!
And playing the Ukulele is lots of fun... Especially late at night when everybody is sleeping, It's not to loud so it doesn't seem to bother anybody. :)

spring wish list
1. I've been wanting a new bike for a pretty long time and this Pashley one seems ideal. If only it wouldn't break my bank account!
2. A new floral print cardigan because I'm tired of the usual black and gray.
3. scalloped shorts

4. Toms
5. a fancy Fedora
6. Tortoise Shell Ray Bans
7. These Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Mary Janes are beautiful, but I most likely will never buy them because they are so expensive and to tall! But hey, you never know I might find a pretty imitation of them!
8. I want this little book really bad! "100 Facts About Pandas"


I finished making this dress tonight, I like the way it came out but it looks nothing like the one I had originally planned on making. I was heavily inspired by this one at Urban Outfitters, but I didn't have enough fabric so that's why I kind of just free styled it.
I guess I'll just try it again another time!