I've been getting REALLY lucky at thrift stores recently.
I found this amazing leather back pack at Goodwill the other day for 12 bucks! My mom said I looked more excited about finding this back pack then getting my new Macbook! It's so beautiful and perfect. I had the biggest fucking smile on my face when I found it.
We're a going to be the best of friends this summer.

Also the Ralph Lauren shorts, shirt and polariod camera were all perfect finds today at Goodwill... now only if it was nice enough outside to actually wear all of this! (P.S. the undies and bralettes are from Aerie, simple 100% cotton is where it's at!)


  1. I just founded your blog via weheartit. I have to say that I love your style!! :--) Those shorts are amazing and everything "on the bed". :-D

    Btw, i have nearly the same bag =D


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