my dear.

American Apparel grey flannel and tights
H&M wool black dress
Thrifted platform wedges, belt and purse.
This is a very simple outfit consisting of one my favorite little black dresses. I bought this dress a couple of years ago and I love that I can still wear it and easily dress it up or down. That's the whole point of having a LBD right?! I'm sure I won't be getting rid of this one anytime soon. 

p.s I would like to greet my new followers, I look forward to seeing all your blogs! And thanks to all the lovely girls leaving sweet comments! xx


all around and away we go.

 Everything in this outfit was thrifted.
Except for the bow necklace, I made that myself. I recently thrifted these
$5 dollar Bass penny loafers! What a great find, don't you agree?!

My cousin was nice enough to take these pictures for me. I'm so happy with how they came out considering that he's not the best with cameras!
I don't have much to say, but I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving and enjoyed this little break!


What I wore today.

Thrifted button up, belt and dress
American Apparel cardigan
Dooney and Bourke crossbody purse
& the shoes are newly thrifted
 they are by Bass and got them for 5 bucks! Score!

Betsy wanted to join in on the fun! She can be cute and nice when she wants to haha!  And yes I'm wearing a different cardigan in this picture because I realized right before I left the house there was a big hole on the side of the other one! :( 

Have you guys seen the movie Like Crazy yet? I saw it a couple of days ago and it was AMAZING. I went by myself and enjoyed every second of it. And yes i'll admit, it I cried! I usually never cry during movies and since I was alone I was all like "Oh what the heck! Just let them go, not trying to impress anyone here!" Have you ever gone to the movies by yourself? Was it a pleasant experience or will you never do it again?


a little peek inside my room

A lot has changed since the last time I took pictures of my room as you can see HERE. So I decided to do a mini tour with the help of my friend Bryan. :)
 ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥
The jewelry box was a birthday gift from my lovely friend Ashley
 and the lucky little elephant was given to me by my mom.

            The Bow necklaces were handmade by me and the Russian nesting dolls
were also a gift from my mom.

I LOVE owls, i'm always on the hunt for them at thrift stores. 
I have about 5 of them around my room  haha!
My beloved 100 year old singer sewing machine. 
When it's working it's magic it's louder than thunder but it works like a charm!

This record player was a gift to my dad a couple of years ago and later I found it in the basement! He said he didn't like the sound quality in which I totally disagree, so I decided to put it in my room and give it some much needed love.  Rumours by Fleetwood Mac is one of my favorites albums!
 What i'm wearing:
Ralph lauren pullover
thrifted skirt
handmade necklace by me
 boots are from Shoegasm NYC

My room is the upper part of my parents house and it's a converted attic. I love all the space I have and when i'm in the creating mood, it sure comes in handy.
I get most of my room decor at thrift stores, yard sales, antique shops and occasionally IKEA. I prefer decorating with old things because I like seeing the potential that these items may have and give them a new home and lots-a love! 
Well I hope you guys enjoyed this little tour and thank you for stopping by!


lady daze.

Ann Taylor sweater
American Apparel button up
Thrifted skirt & belt 
purse was a gift

This outfit was heavily inspired by the wonderful LadyMoriarty
She's truly fantastic at putting outfits together and I love how she combines vintage with classic pieces. She is SO awesome and inspiring, I'm pretty sure most of you girls could agree! 

Hope everyone is having a nice day!


So studious.

Ralph Lauren button up
Thrifted skirt and sweater 
H&M shoes

Scoop shawl
J. crew shirt
Zara pants
UO shoes
Hey there guys! 
This is what Audrey and I wore to school Thursday. 
Every Thursday we meet up at the F.I.T library in which we geek out, (try to) study and catch up on everything going on in our lives. I know it can seem pretty lame considering that we have the whole city to explore. But with the weather getting crazy cold again it's just nice to stay indoors and at the same time get some much needed work done! 

p.s A BIG Thank You to everyone who has been visiting this blog and leaving sweet comments. 
 It means so so much and I always try to do the same. 
Thanks again!