So studious.

Ralph Lauren button up
Thrifted skirt and sweater 
H&M shoes

Scoop shawl
J. crew shirt
Zara pants
UO shoes
Hey there guys! 
This is what Audrey and I wore to school Thursday. 
Every Thursday we meet up at the F.I.T library in which we geek out, (try to) study and catch up on everything going on in our lives. I know it can seem pretty lame considering that we have the whole city to explore. But with the weather getting crazy cold again it's just nice to stay indoors and at the same time get some much needed work done! 

p.s A BIG Thank You to everyone who has been visiting this blog and leaving sweet comments. 
 It means so so much and I always try to do the same. 
Thanks again!


  1. You both look great!!! I miss you guys so much :(

  2. you guys look awful cute and stylish. I love your heels!

  3. You are both so cute. Love both of your styles.

    I love the library. There's just something relaxing and fun about visiting the library. I sound like a complete nerd right now. I'd better go before I do anymore damage.

    Have an awesome day!

  4. thanks a lot, you're cute students!


  5. once again a super chic and stylish outfit :)

  6. oh i just love your wedges and that skirt is adorable!!! your friends glasses are so awesome to :)

  7. Cute photos :) I love your outfit


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