the sweetest thing

All jewelry and outfits from my favorite boutique in NYC 

The pictures above are all from the Spring campaign for The Habitat Shop I did a couple of weeks ago. The dresses & the jewels were all to die for! And I was able to keep some so you will be seeing an outfit post featuring them very soon! I worked my friends Christina (of Trop Rouge), Mariah (producer of the shoot and all around fashion wiz kid) and Kenny (the wonderful owner of the shops). I absolutely loved working with people I already know and feel really comfortable with. We did a couple of fun shots and the ones outside the Flat Iron building got super crazy with crowds of people gathering around us wanting to take pictures. For a moment I went into a little shock but thanks to Christina she was able to shoo some of the people away (I think she may have a little experience with people like that on the streets!).

That day to say the least was super hectic for me. I woke up early to head downtown for the shoot and after 5 hours of shooting I ran 8 blocks to F.I.T to make it to my 2 pm class and take 2 finals. I got to my first class about 30 minutes late but to my surprise the teacher still hadn't started the final! So I had just made it in time! I couldn't believe my luck. After the crazy day there was nothing I wanted more than to sleep on my comfy bed. And that I did.

Thanks Kenny & Mariah for letting me be a part of this!

Check out the behind the scenes video!


just another diamond day

This past friday I turned 21.
I was having a roller-coaster of emotions because in my heart I still feel like I'm 17 but I know that to the world I'm going to be seen as a grown woman. To me that's kind of a scary thought. When do we begin in our minds match our age to the way we feel in our hearts?

When my friends began to call me to wish me happy birthday one friend noticed that I had been crying. She made me realize that every birthday since I turned 16 I've cried (I can get super corny guys..) I'm not saying that I don't like my birthday but just the realization that I'm getting older is something I can't easily come to terms with. Everyone I know says "I can't wait to turn 21" and I'm not going to lie I was saying that at one point also but I think I was saying it for the wrong reasons.  My friends have told me that I'm going to change a lot now that I'm 21 but I really hope I stay the same. I was looking through my blog archives from my first year of blogging when I was 17 and it made really happy that I started it so early on. I'm glad I have something I can look back on that will show me how I was at certain time.  It was like walking through memory lane, I really wrote and took pictures of the things that interested me at the time and it all seemed much more personal. I hope to get back to that level one day.

Hope you all have a lovely week

Photos by Bryan B. 


Happy New Year!

F21 coat
Neck tie made by me
Everything else thrifted!

Oh 2012...
You where a great year. 
You where a year filled with great opportunities.
A year filled with things that I thought I would never imagine myself doing.
Like guest speaking at a high school in NYC to a bunch of girls and inspiring them to get into the fashion industry (if I inspired at least one of those girls to go to college my life is seriously COMPLETE!). Kicking my nerves to the curve and modeling in not one, not two but three campaigns. Visiting offices that I dreamed of walking into like Vogue, Teenvogue and Google! 
This year was very surprising and I can't imagine what 2013 has in stores for me.
I hope all you have a healthy, prosperous 2013!

Photos by Bryan B.Thanks kid!

Here are some outfit highlights of 2012.. (some also that I never got the chance to post!)

(^ Taken by Daniel L.)