the sweetest thing

All jewelry and outfits from my favorite boutique in NYC 

The pictures above are all from the Spring campaign for The Habitat Shop I did a couple of weeks ago. The dresses & the jewels were all to die for! And I was able to keep some so you will be seeing an outfit post featuring them very soon! I worked my friends Christina (of Trop Rouge), Mariah (producer of the shoot and all around fashion wiz kid) and Kenny (the wonderful owner of the shops). I absolutely loved working with people I already know and feel really comfortable with. We did a couple of fun shots and the ones outside the Flat Iron building got super crazy with crowds of people gathering around us wanting to take pictures. For a moment I went into a little shock but thanks to Christina she was able to shoo some of the people away (I think she may have a little experience with people like that on the streets!).

That day to say the least was super hectic for me. I woke up early to head downtown for the shoot and after 5 hours of shooting I ran 8 blocks to F.I.T to make it to my 2 pm class and take 2 finals. I got to my first class about 30 minutes late but to my surprise the teacher still hadn't started the final! So I had just made it in time! I couldn't believe my luck. After the crazy day there was nothing I wanted more than to sleep on my comfy bed. And that I did.

Thanks Kenny & Mariah for letting me be a part of this!

Check out the behind the scenes video!


  1. This is so exciting! The shots are gorgeous. You lucky thing!

    Ava Tallulah

  2. Wow, these photos are gorgeous! The outfits are all perfect and you look amazing! I love Christina's blog as well, and both of you look amazing. Really lusting after all these clothes now. My favourite shot is the third one, I think, but they are all amazing.
    X Jane


  3. ah you are so great. a very good combination between dress and jewelry. i like those pictures and i love your expression! so pretty <3

  4. So stinkin' cute! giveaway on our vintage blog!

  5. you look amazing, that dress is gorgeous <3 <3 xx


  6. hehe, you definitely are the sweetest thing in those photos. so playful and happy :) and of course I remember the video, I loved it a lot! can't wait for your next outfit post with those new goodies!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. Maria is the real deal! So beautiful, professional and kind-hearted - how could she not radiate and glow?! The clothes were gorge, but YOU brought them to life with your sense of style and of course that smile :)
    Thanks Gurl!! Love ya for being a part of it all -xoxo Kenny

  8. great photos, great smile! so sweet you totally made my day. Thanks for stopping by my blog. staying in touch
    xoxo m.

  9. I love it and the outfits are too cute!


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  11. nice post, and i like trop rouge !!!!


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