Welcome to Miami part 1

This past weekend Ashley, Sasha and I went to Miami to celebrate our 21st birthdays.
This mini vacation was one that I will never forget to say the least. I got the chance to take some awesome pieces with me to wear while I was there like this Gentle Fawn pleated skirt and tank top. When I saw this outfit I knew that it was perfect for Miami because the pastel colors tie in perfectly with the pastel Art Deco buildings that surronds this city.
 I'll be posting Part 2 very soon so stay tuned!

Gentle Fawn pleated skirt and tank top
Bodhi safety pin bag
sunglasses from a NYC street vendor
shoes from Marshals (bought last spring)

Pictures by Ashley
Thanks girl!


  1. I love the colors in this dress, perfect for spring. Plus that bag is adorable! you look great.


  2. Perfect outfit ! I love your shoes !

  3. Wow! So pretty. Talk about literally blending in the the local color. This is a really lovely look - makes me long for warm weather! :-)

    And that safety pin bag makes me smile!

  4. So warmy post! Wish i could enjoy Miami either ;)

  5. what a gorgeous summer look! those pastels indeed are beautiful and suit you so well. gosh and I still adore that brilliant bag!
    what a dreamy vacation that was!

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  6. what a gorgeous dress! How lovely to spend your birthday in Miami too!! xx

  7. that dress is so pretty & perfectly you! happy birthday(s)!

  8. Beautiful photos, such a pretty dress. Hope you had a nice birthday and a lovely time

    xo Ellie blog | design

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