just another diamond day

This past friday I turned 21.
I was having a roller-coaster of emotions because in my heart I still feel like I'm 17 but I know that to the world I'm going to be seen as a grown woman. To me that's kind of a scary thought. When do we begin in our minds match our age to the way we feel in our hearts?

When my friends began to call me to wish me happy birthday one friend noticed that I had been crying. She made me realize that every birthday since I turned 16 I've cried (I can get super corny guys..) I'm not saying that I don't like my birthday but just the realization that I'm getting older is something I can't easily come to terms with. Everyone I know says "I can't wait to turn 21" and I'm not going to lie I was saying that at one point also but I think I was saying it for the wrong reasons.  My friends have told me that I'm going to change a lot now that I'm 21 but I really hope I stay the same. I was looking through my blog archives from my first year of blogging when I was 17 and it made really happy that I started it so early on. I'm glad I have something I can look back on that will show me how I was at certain time.  It was like walking through memory lane, I really wrote and took pictures of the things that interested me at the time and it all seemed much more personal. I hope to get back to that level one day.

Hope you all have a lovely week

Photos by Bryan B. 


  1. I really love how you dress. It's not showy or too elegant but you still look so well put together and very very classic. I've been a fan of your style for quite some time now. And I'm never disappointed (:


    1. thanks Christal! That's super sweet of you!
      I really do enjoy putting together a simple, classic outfit- you can never go wrong!

  2. Your photos are lovely, as always!

    Your post struck a chord with me - I haven't exactly cried, but certainly felt a sense of great loss on my birthday ever since I turned ten. I remember very clearly it was my tenth birthday and realizing I wasn't a little kid anymore. Birthdays are still weird for me, but I keep remembering that if I had stayed nine years old, I would have missed out on the best part of my life! Same with every year - there are so many good things in the future. I wish all the best for you this year! :-)

    - October

    1. Whoa thanks October, it's awesome that you can relate. It is a sense of loss but your totally right- we wouldn't live the beautiful moments if we had stayed at a certain age.


  3. Lovely photos :) Happy 21st! I've never really minded getting older but I turned 26 last July and I suddenly found it weird and feel I'm getting older too quickly! xo

  4. muy guapa!!


  5. Wow. I Love it! You have so so great blog! <3
    Happy New Year!:*

    Would You like to follow each other? :)

  6. I'm sure you're going to change but I think it's called developing yourself and getting better and better at everything you do. it's completely normal and it happens anyway :)
    as always, you look gorgeous and the whole outfit is so fancy and special. I love every piece.

    Maikeni blogi - part of me

  7. I know the feeling I'm 32 and still feel 17 at heart (the perfect age <3) and that's what really matters in the end.
    BTW, these light colour look beautiful on you!

    Girls that glitter love the dark

  8. lovely pictures :) check out my blog if you fancy: www.prettyquirkyblog.co.uk :)x

  9. Cute outfit!

    xx Mounia

  10. awesome post!


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  12. It's all in the way you think
    I feel 18 and I'm 27, so yea...it's the way you mentally take it in
    and you sounds like a very loving person
    Happy Birthday
    You look awesome! :)

  13. Gorgeous!



  14. Your skirt is so pretty and I love the peter pan collar top!

  15. I love the pastel colours of your outfits!

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    much love

  18. I'll let you in on a little secret: I'm 28 and I still feel 16. I don't think you ever really feel your age. age is truly just a number. and your skirt is fabulous :)
    xo jac

  19. Strangely you have a similar look to Vashti when she was about your age. Umm Another Diamond Day. I now have a window over the bay and its a long way from yesterday.

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