Walking Betsy.

The only decent picture I got of the Betsynator!
The other day Betsy had her first birthday. I remember how cute she was when she was a little pup. I wish I can turn back time when all she used to do was just take naps and cuddle! 

The pants i'm wearing are from UO, I bought them on sale a long time ago for $10! :)


  1. awww, betsy's so, so cute!! and yay for sales, you really cant beat a good bargain


  2. You got a super sweet deal on those pants! And the puppy is ridiculously adorable.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  3. I'm in love with clean, simple outfits like this. Because I think I get a little wrapped up into thinking I should be wearing intricate outfits, since I blog. Love you puppy and can't believe that you got the pants for so cheap! :)

  4. I completely agree! Sometimes i might over think an outfit and then leave the house feeling uncomfortable and too done up! It's good to just peal back some of the layers once in a while!


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