The other day I was looking through my recent downloads and to my surprise most of them were female singers/songwriters. Here are some of my favorite girls out there… either it’s new music or they're new to the game!

Twin sister- Around and Away We Go
Some of the band members are from Medford, Sayville, and Bluepoint! That's very close to were I live and it's awesome to know that there are some people on the Island making funky new music!

Lia Ices -Grown Unknown
This girl has an amazing voice that I absolutely love!

Glasser - her sound is kind of like Bork's but with a little more pop. I'm a fan of "Home" by her as well.

Jessica lea Mayfield-Our Hearts Are Wrong A perfect song for those hard headed lovers!

Warpaint - Undertow
This is a five piece all girls band, they're super talented! Also check out there song "Billie Holiday"

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