back to school!


 American apparel shirt
2b(bebe) jet setter jeans 
F21 ankle strap flats
Brief case bag found on Littleblackbag.com

This past Monday was my first day back at school! As some of you girls may know I go to the Fashion Institute of Technology and I'm in my senior year! And wow, I can't believe how quickly time flies by. I remember as if it was yesterday I was walking to campus for orientation and I was a bundle of nerves!  It actually took me a while for it all to sink in that I was going to my dream school, studying something I'm passionate about and that I had my best friend Ashley right there with me. These past years at FIT have been great and even though it is easy to complain about little things at that school being there has really showed me how important it is to stick to your goals and work hard to achieve them. I hope everyone that is going back to school has a great year- the sky is the limit so keep dreaming!


  1. ahh senior year! that is so exciting. i so wish i was going to school this semester! i'm jealous.

  2. Nice outfits to come back at school.
    I like it!

  3. i cant believe those shoes are from forever 21! those are so fab and way cute! love the gold tip!

  4. this outfit is beautiful! so casual, yet so pretty. (:

    xo, samantha


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