City Laundry X New York Color

Hello lovelies!
I'm starting the New Year with an awesome new collaboration with New York Color! I shot this web commercial with them back in May and I'm so happy to finally share it with you guys! We shot in a couple of different locations around NYC (recognize any of them?) and you get to take a little peak into my world and hear my thoughts about this awesome city. 
So as far as the collab- I'll be mixing beauty with fashion instead of just having my blog only focused on fashion. Which to me is exciting because beauty is kind of a new world to me and I'm excited to explore it with you guys. It'll be an interesting to say the least and I hope you guys enjoy and stick around for more to come! 


  1. I really do like this romper on you! Did you get this from www.fixateboutique.com?


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