indie films.

I am almost pooping myself with excitement over
all the amazing indie films coming out this summer.
I'll give you a rundown on some of the ones
I'm very excited to see.

(500) Days of Summer:

This is a cute movie about a guy who falls in love with a girl named Summer but then she abruptly breaks up with him for no apparent reason. Sounds like my type of movie. Summer is played by Zooey Deschanel, and in real life she is engaged to Ben Gibbard of Death Cab For Cutie. (sighhhhh)

Taking Woodstock:

This movie is based upon the book by the same name. Its about the epic Woodstock music festival that 400,000 people attended in 1969. The trailer makes the movie seem like a comedy at some points, but other than that I could tell this movie will be great and the soundtrack even greater.

Where the Wild Things Are:

My friend Ashley spoke to me about this film while shopping in U.O one day and I decided to do some research. Later I found out that Spike Jonze (..amazing commercials) is the Director of this whimsical masterpiece and Karen O the lead singer of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs did the film score (a.k.a soundtrack). I can't wait to see this film, I yearn to feel like a little kid running through an imaginary forest (next new photo shoot inspiration?).

Away we go:
This film is about a cute indie couple getting preggers and traveling the U.S in order to find the perfect place to start a family. So anti- conformist in a very nice way.

Paper Heart:

Remember that quirky Asian girl in Knocked up? Well her name is Charlyne Yi and she co- wrote this romantic comedy staring Michael Sera and Seth Rogen (I know dreams do come true). Chuck which is played by Charlyne has trouble believing love exists so she travels around and asks random people what they think. And that's when Michael comes into the picture.

Any good movies excited about?
please share!

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  1. mm 50 days of summer sounds really good..
    but im dying to see new moon.
    especially after that preview on the movie awards..


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