Remaking mom jeans..

These are actually very easy to make.
step 1:
Go to your local thrift store and find a perfect pair
of high waisted jeans (mom jeans).
make sure they fit well on the waist and it's not necessary
for them to be tight on the legs.
(These were only 6 bucks at Goodwill.)

step 2:
Fold the jeans so that all the seams line up.

step 3:
Cut the jeans about 4 inches from the center.

step 4:
Fold the jeans upwards twice, then iron them down so they'll stay in place.

Then voilĂ ! You have the perfct pair of high waisted
shorts just in time for summer..

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  1. From the one who brought you the honest truth of the fate of Vin Diesel (and why he can still look like he can kick your ass in The Pacifier) brings you his honest unbiased account of moments past in critique and anal analysis of a certain blog which goes by the name CITY LAUNDRY.........

    First y'all know my feelings on blogs.... THEY SUCK! Usually there nothing but a mindless assortment of stale candies from Valentine's day assortment box circa 1955 with such retarded headings such as "oh my god like he said.." And "CUTE EMO BOIS!" and let me not fail to forget the "holy shit fml is all over so and so broke up with me's"...

    Well from first glance this stands out, I never even cared about mom jeans nor cared about the possible fashion statement they could make. Its now apparent to me that then converted into short form ( and of course not worn by your mother) they could say something like

    "I'm cute and these JEANS yes JEANS, have a story which ended up with me making them into shorts and no I didn't conform to major labels and spend my left testicle to get them either ( or ovaries for you ladies...) no.. and most importantly, I'm not a slut so stop drooling you creeper."

    Initially I would start from the beginning and finish at the end which you should do in everything but your dreams but this is what caught my attention. So I took it way back into march and started my escapade into what was molding into more then just a blog but maybe something useful I could put in my pocket for a rainy day.

    City Laundry teaches us something valuable when it comes to the rich culture of New York City. Though people tend to talk of it emulating a rather trendy and aristocratic tier of fashion and the arts, Maria gives us the more humble but no less pivotal look into the vintage flea markets and various street shops. To add, I must admit that was a good candid of Anne Hathaway as well.

    Next comes what people do when they have cameras, they take pictures, but you'll find no Myspace angles or beaver peepers here ( they are woman's more familiar fury friend for those who crave terminology)You eventually come to a photo shoot with a friend of her's. I must say the photographer ( which I assume is the creator of this blog) catches the young ladies beauty more realistically than any glam magazine might offer.

    Lastly I shall comment concurrently on the interesting assortment you'll find in the "songs of spring" and the collection of independent films to come this summer.

    Maria's taste in music seems to fall into a category by which can only be called uncategorized. She seems to leave to musical plain untouched which punctuates the overall openness of which this blog is written. As for the independent films and her comments, you could swear someone intelligent wrote them because Iam damn well sure no blowhard movie reviewer did, very well done indeed.

    So that's my 2 cents, don't spend it all in one place.



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