D.I.Y paper heart garland

Valentines Day is coming up and even though I'm not huge fan of this holiday (I'm sure I'm not the only one!) I made this cute garland yesterday (picture on the right) and it's very easy to make, all you need is some paper and string! So let's get to it!
Start off with 3 pieces of paper. I used some old newspaper, but you can use colorful construction paper, pages from an old book, printer paper, anything!

Then cut them into a shape of a heart. You can draw it first on the paper or just free hand it.

You should now have three hearts in the same size.

Next, fold each heart in half and glue one side of the heart to another half.

Then put glue on the two remaining sides and place the third heart on the sides with the glue on. And now you should have a 3D heart.

Now make a little hole on the upper part of the heart that will be big enough for your string to go through. You can use any type of string, I used pink embroidering string but I think yarn could do to!

And finally string the heart. Repeat this about 10 times try doing them in different sizes. And Viola now hang them anywhere!

And for your special Valentine just cut out a little letters spelling out anything and hot glue them onto the string.. it's a simple way of expression that is sure to impress.. and it's basically free!

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